CIDB green card renewal is a process that must be done by CIDB green card Holders who are about to expire. Usually, for the first time of application, the card holder only applies for a period of 1 year. This renewal application can be made as early as 60 days from the expiry date stated on the card.

In this article, we will focus on the steps that need to be taken in the renewal process.

How to apply for renewal

For cardholders who are not familiar with online applications and do not like complicated matters, it is recommended to use this method. Cardholders only need to fill in brief information on the application form. This process is very simple. The cardholder is required to fill in the information and makes payment. Here are 5 simple steps for the CIDB green card renewal process.

Step 1: Fill out the application form

The form can be accessed here. Please make sure all the information you fill in is correct and accurate. Inaccurate information may cause your application to be rejected and this will take time and the process may be longer. You don’t have to worry because all the information you fill out is confidential as stated in the terms and conditions section.

borang CIDB Green Card Renewal
Cidb Green Card Renewal Form

Step 2: Make payment

After fill up  the required information in the form, you are required to make the payment online according to the amount displayed. This amount depends on the renewal period chosen. Payment using a credit card is also available. If you have a problem with this payment method, you can also deposit directly deposit to the company’s account:

Setia Urus Services
Hong Leong Bank

2500 101 7011.

Slip bayaran CIDB Green Card Renewal
CIDB Green Card Payment Receipt

Please Whatsapp a copy of the deposit slip to our hotline: 016-568 7189.

Step 3: Application process

Your application will be processed and submitted to CIDB. All details stated in the application form will be used throughout the renewal registration process. Normally approval will be obtained on the same day. But there are also cases that take longer. It depends on the data available in the CIDB database. Therefore, it is important for the cardholder to make a detailed review before submitting the form.

Step 4: Receive a Temporary Pass

As mentioned, normally you will get renewal approval within 24 hours. You will be given a Temporary Pass through via Whatsapp. This temporary pass also acts as the original card. You are allowed to enter the construction site and perform duties as a construction personnel. You are also covered with group insurance as the original cardholder.

Step 5: Received New card

This card is sent to the address that has been agreed and as filled in the application by post or courier service. The original card delivery process takes up to 60 days. If you do not receive after the period, you can contact us at 016 568 7189 or 09 848 5500. You can also contact the nearest CIDB branch for assistance.


CIDB green card renewal is not difficult. You can apply yourself at a nearby CIDB or use our services at Setia Urus services.

Fill out the form, make the payment and wait for the card. Easy isn’t it..

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